Mandelson’s Secret Plot to Attend Job Boot Camps

It’s perfectly reasonable to realise that you can’t stand your job. Even if you’re twenty or so years along a high powered career track. You might wake up one day and suddenly the thought of making the effort to go all the way into the office is utterly repugnant.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been nursing this loathing for altogether far too long now. You can’t stand the job you do or your colleagues and your workplace resembles a nightmare factory of the highest degree. But you have to pay the bills, rent and purchase those irritating necessities for modern life like food and the latest iPhone with up to date ringtones. So like the good little soldier you are, you keep plugging away at the detestable coal face.

Peter Mandelson has been depicted as the sinister puppet master manipulating the strings behind the scenes with vampirism and mischief in his heart. Or something, I may have been watching cartoons at the time. Anyway, leopards actually can change their spots, old dogs can learn a dizzyingly varied plethora of new tricks and Mandelson fancies trying his hand at something new in the career department.

But what? And how? He’s a relatively well known public figure (even if right now you can’t quite recall what he looks like). If he were to go to the job centre people would definitely probably recognise him. It’s difficult to start job searching without people working out what you’re doing. Using his well-worn tricks of manipulation, Mandelson hatched a cunning and devious plan to further his own ends. I know, completely out of character.

Job boots camps for the terminally unemployed. Help them mend their ways or at the very least get them out of the house for a bit. And Mandelson could attend in a supervisory capacity whilst actually soaking up every last bit of advice to employ in his own change in work scene.


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