Johnson: Stop Madness and Back Sunday Shopping

Everyone everywhere has opinions. Strong opinions. But they don’t always agree with them. Bandying around terms like madness is indeed a way to show that you care deeply about an issue. However, it also makes it that much more difficult to back down once you’ve realised that it’s just not especially important.

I suppose there’s the equally possible outcome that you simply changed your mind. For all your vim, vigour and vitriol you weren’t quite as committed to what you were saying as you tried to make out. Someone highly persuasive swept into town and blew your tiny mind. They put forward excellent arguments that managed to completely alter your point of view. Speaking of points, I’m sure I had one somewhere that I really ought to get back to.

Ah yes, everyone is playing rather fast and loose with the hyperbole nowadays. Then again, if you were to lay off the expletives and superlatives how on earth would anyone ever know that you were serious about the case you were putting forward? So Mr Johnson (not of the Boris flavour that everyone has suddenly found so tiresome) has called for an end to the unbridled silliness of modern life.

The issue that he’s gone ahead and targeted is Sunday shopping. All day every day the high street should become a monopolised metropolis of commercial wonder. It’s the only way to get this nation back on track, kick-start the economy and maybe blow the dust off those plans for empire that no one really wants to mention (it’s passé at best in this age of hopeful equality). Back Sunday shopping to the hilt and show how much you love exchanging your hard earned pennies for various goods and services at your local emporium. Yeah, I’m not sure it’s going to make all that much of a difference to the state of play either.


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