Bishop Attacks PM’s Lack of Free Hotel Rooms

What’s the point of being in charge of a former empire if there aren’t perks that come as part and parcel of the job? Why bother putting so much effort into winning elections and bearing up under the strain of onslaughts from the press if you don’t manage to exact a quid pro quo? It’s hardly as if you get much out of said leadership barring the smug satisfaction of making it to the top.

Or so I assume. Maybe you do get illicit and secret swag for being top dog. I bet you get to decide who wins X factor (it’s not as if they’d let you have control over more important stuff. That’s for the public to decide. The sage and wise general populace who’ve never made an unsound decision during the entire history of democracy. Excuse me while I go and cry over the entire pointlessness of my vote).

Anyway, a Bishop wanted to come and stay with Cameron. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it was going to be a fabulous knees up of a slumber party. They were going to eat cookie dough in bed and do each other’s hair. Probably. However, Samantha said no and the noble churchman was relegated to a hotel room. Which he was forced to pay for. Hence the entire lack of approval on his part.

So he took his huff to the open forum. People can be ever so petty in airing their festering grievances but I think the bishop is completely right in this. If you’re not allowed to grant a friend your spare room then why not let them kip on the sofa? Just for a little while. Or at the very least chip in for the cost of a hotel room. Bed and breakfasts are stupidly expensive after all and I doubt that the good bishop is coining it in. Not in an especially major way at least.


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