Army Prepares to Tackle Meetings With Murdoch

It’s the age old solution for anything you don’t much want to do in life. Send in the clowns. No, that’s not quite right, I do apologise. When there’s something strange in the neighbourhood who on earth are you going to call? Again, I’m pretty sure that’s almost certainly wrong. I’ll go back and start again.

The army can solve any issue. Provided it’s the sort of situation that responds favourably to being bopped on the head with a large stick. I may not be all that well versed in their current methods of problem solving. But I’m relatively sure that the most commonly utilised tool in their kitbag is something along the lines of brute force.

Anyway, once they’ve finished up setting things to right in the kerfuffle at Calais (it’s really a misunderstanding that’s escalated to disturbing proportions. Once everyone realises that these are people too in search of a better life running away from horrors at home compassion will come to the surface and everything will be fine), the army will get cracking on the state of the media.

Well, it’s hardly as if anyone else is coming up with a way out of the thorny thicket of disillusionment. The army can put everything to rights, certain moguls in their respective places and impose an easy to follow system of rules and regulations that all participants are sure to obey. That’s totally how this sort of operation works, right?

They definitely don’t replace one corrupt and out of control figure at the top of the pyramid with another, slightly more theoretically malleable, one. Yes? I’m definitely not speculating on matters I couldn’t possibly hope to understand and might even get in some sort of dangerous trouble for doing so. The army will meet with Murdoch and they will be many a witness to what goes down. For the betterment of mankind. Or something.


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