Public’s Support for Corrupt Luxury Homebuyers

The sad situation is that a necessary component of this society is arseholes. I’m not talking about the kind we all have, obviously those are necessarily for the expulsion of waste substances (and apparently unsavoury activities I won’t waste any time on here). No, I mean the more metaphorical kind.

After all, if they didn’t exist then who on earth could we possibly feel superior to? Who else would give us insanely pimped out abodes so that we can aspire to wealth and comfort we’d never have previously dreamed of? If there’s no one out there appropriating more slices of the communal cake than they’re allowed then there wouldn’t be anyone to blame for our own misfortune.

The housing situation is bleak and desolate. Unfortunately, these circumstances are hardly going to change for the better any time soon. Rather than lashing out at the generations above us who refuse to downsize or die and thus allow the millennials (also known as generation rent, the lazy ones, the people who don’t know how good they have it in spite of the crippling debt they’re saddled with) to take over their houses.

Thanks to the corrupt minority who collect property like some sick real life version of Monopoly we have people to hate. They’re a real menace, an unholy scourge of morality who spend the year dotting back and forth to their numerous plots of ample square footage. Rather than blaming the government for stripping benefits to the bone and amping up the cost of education we can direct our disapproval to this faceless collective.

At the end of the day, every story needs a bad guy. Without anyone to strive against in the hope of one day defeating them we’re merely ambling through life down in the dumps that our measly savings will never allow us to purchase a cardboard box to live in. Let alone having enough left over to heat it or pay for water or food.


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