Daily Sugar Allowance Hits New High

We are incredibly busy people. We’re constantly faced with a plethora of ever shifting demands. Stuff has got to get done. However, there really aren’t as many hours in the day as we absolutely definitely need. If someone is to have any hope of operating as a functioning human being then drastic measures simply have to be taken.

The sad thing is though, there just aren’t too many options open for these situations. Not everyone can get away with being a caffeine zombie. Well, not forever anyway. It’s not always possible to get your hands on the goods and when you crash out the flames are especially spectacular. Or something. Sugar on the other hand. Now that’s something extra specially wonderful. It keeps you running hot and fabulous and to hell and beyond with the side effects. Who needs teeth? I mean, come on, seriously. We’ve got cutlery and liquidisers now, chewing isn’t an absolute necessity when you really get down to it.

So in order to keep in line with the pressures of modern life, nutritionists have let loose. Provided you operate on a completely ridiculous schedule that allows for little to no rest or downtime, you can eat absolutely whatever you want. Isn’t that completely brilliant news? Stuff yourself with jelly beans and then run around like crazy to work off the calories.

This might be something of a mistake. The dieticians could well be shaking their heads sadly and tutting at what the world has come to. Then again, they have things pretty much incredibly easy. Knock up a few healthy menus, poke around in people’s diets and get paid to dispense advice. Forgive me if my heart stops bleeding for your packed out schedule. Fine, I’m trying to justify my own lifestyle but blaming stuff on other people make’s things so very much simpler. Coffee with three sugars anyone?


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