Cameron War on 135 Diabetes Victims

It’s an incredibly important lesson in life that more people really ought to pay attention to. Choose your battles wisely. Having beaten a hasty retreat from the nasty Scottish MPs meddling in matters that don’t concern them and with his tail firmly between his legs, David Cameron sorely needs a win.

What happened to those heady days running up to the election? Now everyone’s against the poor boy in blue. He’s only trying his best but he’s got a phalanx of stars to his left unhappy about the treatment of the BBC and trade unions with boulder sized chips on their shoulders to his right. Yes, he’s making some baffling decisions of late but give the Prime Minister a break. He’s probably sort of trying his best which is severely hampered by his world view and upbringing. It’s hardly his fault he believes he’s above it all and that running the country is what he was born to do.

So he’s gone out among the people looking for a fight. One that he can’t fail to win (because not doing so would cause a loss of face that he really can’t afford right now. The shiny ham visage must be maintained at all times). Should he go after the poor and downtrodden so recently kicked by his trusty chancellor? Perhaps a brief scrap with some naughty bankers? No, couldn’t do that. Tantamount to political suicide don’t you know?

Obviously some sub section of the ill. They’d naturally have far less energy to oppose him so they’d make ideal targets. The diabetic. Perfect. They’ve basically brought their illness upon themselves through poor diet. There are absolutely no other factors to the equation and therefore can illicit no public sympathy. Simply choose a group of them, declare war for some spurious reason, obliterate them and be home in time for tea and scones. Ah, and the British upper class dominance is restored.


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