Cameron to Demand F-bomb

The Prime Minister of this particular majestic little isle of ours is really rather unhappy. If we’re being especially candidly honest here, he’s bloody ticked off. However, being British and a public figure and all he’s hardly free to tell the world what he thinks about whatever it was that’s got him all hot and bothered in this entirely impolite manner.

So, for once as a highly unusual one off, David is after something of a free pass. He wants a brief and shining moment when he can express himself without fear of reprisal or unfortunate consequences. He wants to be able to swear. Knowing that the press, and indeed the general public, will have a field day with such language he’s trying to find a loophole.

Never you mind what’s irritated him. It could be the worrying situation of Greek’s economy and how it might effect us way over here (because we’re totally not part of Europe. Ignore history, geography and general decency and bow to the opinion of people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about). On the other hand, it could merely be that he misses with an intensity he couldn’t have fully anticipated his former partner in crime and convenient scapegoat little Nicky Clegg.

Depending on what sort of leader you are you ought to be able to do whatever you please and expect others to cater to your every whim. Although, that might just be in dictatorships and we should thank our lucky stars that David simply isn’t that sort of guy. Or if he is then that we simply wouldn’t stand for such nonsense.

When you’re in charge only thanks to the permission of the people I would imagine that you have to tread very slightly more lightly. All it takes is for someone to say no to Cameron’s demands and he’ll have to slink away with his tail between his legs and confine himself to safer language from now on.


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