Firms Must be Forced to Raise Young Homeless

There’s a labour crisis in this country. Well, that’s probably not strictly accurate but there are certainly plenty of candidate driven markets. There’s an abundance of people taking up the entry level and below. However, no one (and I do mean no one) has the time or inclination to train them. You can’t trust a graduate to do anything whatsoever and supervisors have better things to do than to keep eyes on them at all times.

But there are solutions for this sticky tangled mess of an issue. I’m actually going to suggest one or two of them so employers really ought to feel several kinds of free to bow down at my feet and offer me the heartfelt thanks that I am owed. What can I say? I’m something of an ideas person. When presented with an issue like this I can hardly help it if the thoughts just won’t stop flowing.

No one’s a big fan of there being homeless people. At least I hope that there isn’t anyone out there really rooting for people to live on the streets. Maybe there’s the odd crackpot who feels the need to establish a way of knowing that they’re very definitely superior to the more unfortunate in this life. Anyway, one would hope that most people are trying to think of ways to solve this problem.

So here we go with something that will with any luck kill two birds with one stone. With no actual death of young people or the homeless. I’m really not that kind of monster (I hope you’ll find). Get firms (or businesses of any kind really. It doesn’t have to be a firm. What does a firm do? Is it just lawyers or something. It might be pretty clear by now that I don’t know a huge amount about such matters) to sponsor a homeless person. Then give them a job when they’re ready to work. This plan has no downside. Definitely.

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