Tories Under Fire Over Home Loans

Yes, I know they were elected with a surprising majority. However, it’s always handy to have a convenient scapegoat available when something goes down that you’re not a fan of. It’s even better when you weren’t their supporter in the first place. So perhaps the outrage has absolutely nothing in the slightest to do with home loans and said topic of discussion is more of an excuse than a real cause of dissent.

That’s definitely not to say that home loans aren’t actually important of course. Houses are astronomically expensive and there’s very little way that someone’s going to be able to afford the cost (barring inheriting some ungodly sum of cash or winning the lottery. Obviously far more likely than that is to receive a panicky payout following being struck by a post office truck or something). Loans are a very necessary means of covering that particular shortfall.

Why are the Tories so very against home loans? Aren’t they generally in favour of people getting on and moving up the property ladder? I get the feeling that this is something such people are relatively happy with. Maybe they think that folk ought to be able to finance their own purchases. Through hard work, honesty and absolutely no family legacy.

I imagine the issue in question might be more to do with a dodgy proposition put forward by the government. Something with a lot of strings attached that will allow the other shoe to kick you in the face the very minute they are severed. On the other hand, it’s hardly like the majority party to attempt to pull a fast one on the unsuspecting electorate now is it? They’d never do anything so sneaky and underhand as to suggest a brand spanking new policy that they’re well aware won’t work in the hope that people just won’t notice. Would they?


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