Prisoners of Airport Turbulence

You know it’s an especially bad storm when the airport itself starts suffering from turbulence. We’re talking about similar levels of gustiness to Kansas before the cyclone swept Dorothy to Oz. However, there’s no magical land stuffed with easily crushable witches for the airport to end up in. Well, probably not.

So it might actually be a vaguely more suggestible course of action for the flight terminal to remain rooted to the ground it was initially built on. I know, it’s incredibly conventional of me to say something like that. It’s simply a sad fact of life that airports have to stay where they are and not go on magical voyages. Otherwise, where would the planes come home to roost if not their nest?

But what about the poor people trapped inside? They’re terribly shaken up by the course of events and there seems to be absolutely no escape. How will they cope if they fizz over like incredibly excited cans of fizzy drink? Being a prisoner is really not all that much fun but at least they have people around them to share in the misery. After all, what does misery love? Of course, cross holidaymakers.

We all told you that climate change was happening. Well, I may not have done anything as radical as to say so out loud but I was doing my very best to think it as loudly as possible. You didn’t believe it when hailstones the size of golfballs dropped out of the sky (it may have been in a film but there’s no stopping it from occurring in the future). Then extreme heat baked Britain into a steaming hot mess and many an unsuspecting person was left as a pile of ooze on a pavement. Now are you ready to believe as folk rattle around an airport. Yeah, probably not but at least I tried.


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