You’ve Got to Carry Testicle Eating Killer Fish

It’s a sorry state of affairs when women just don’t feel safe to walk the streets alone of an evening. Now there are plenty of solutions to this issue. I don’t have any idea how workable they might turn out to be but at least they kind of sort of potentially exist. We could investigate them one by one but I think you can tell from the title of today’s post that I’m merely going to skim over most of them and skip to the attention grabber.

You can attempt to enforce harsher penalties. Or try to put members of the constabulary through training designed to make them more sympathetic to the plight of a harassed woman. Maybe have a crack at coaching ladies through extensive self-defence classes. Or forcing women to dress head to toe in drab, figure masking garb so as not to arouse strangers.

There’s always the method of trying to achieve enlightenment through better education in general but when has that ever worked before? An attacker may know better but that doesn’t exactly halt him in his pathetic tracks now does it?

Obviously none of these would have enough of an effect. We need something better. More of a deterrent to those who might think they can get away with attacking an unsuspecting woman down an alleyway or something. Luckily, science has provided us with the goods required to take us forward in this endeavour.

The testicle eating killer fish was the brainchild of a particularly twisted mind. Taking elements from sharks, piranhas and those fish you get to eat the dead skin off the bottom of your feet, a new super breed was invented. They are designed to go after only male genitalia and are so small you can easily slip one into a handy water filled compartment that will fit neatly into a handbag. Forget pepper spray. You need a TEKF.


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