Mickey Mouse Calls Slash Cancer Deaths

Is anyone ever going to actually accept that laughter really is the best medicine? A spring in your step and a giggle erupting from your face is going to do your heart so much more good than any of that vegetable nonsense. If fairy tales have taught us anything it’s that apples are dangerously poisonous objects and ought to be avoided entirely unless you happen to have a surplus of princes running about in your general vicinity.

Prank calls are the lifeblood of, well, life. You need to embrace the silliness a little more often if you’re ever going to make a success of yourself. Try not to make a total pest of yourself of course, there’s only so much irritation that others will put up with and they may not always see the hilariousness coursing through your gag.

This all comes in the wake of some very important research. It’s been discovered that happy and joyful people are less likely to get cancer. Now maybe things have wiggled their way upside down and back to front. Perhaps it’s more likely that if you’ve received a terminal cancer diagnosis, you have an ever so slightly higher chance of being just a tiny bit down in the dumps.

However, if there’s a chance, no matter how miniscule, that more metaphorical sunshine in your life will make you less prone to cancer then is there any reason to ignore it? So cheer up, grumpy guts. It might well save your life. And if it doesn’t then you can have the grim satisfaction of knowing you were right. No feeling on earth is going to beat that now is it?

So go forth and have some more fun. Pull funny faces in serious meetings. Blow raspberries at unsuspecting passers-by. Make timewasting phone calls just because you can. There will be absolutely no adverse side effects. Probably.


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