Skeleton Staffing is Big Breakthrough

The computers do all the work nowadays. Seriously, I’m not actually typing this up. It’s an algorithm I purchased from some guy in India. All I have to do is feed in some headline fragments and it spews out some disjointed nonsense that I can happily put my name on. Come on, it would be crazy for me to sit and do this every day. Especially when you take my abysmal readership into consideration.

This is the shape of things to come. You kit out an office with all mod cons but hold the air conditioning (it’s still got to be somewhat realistic. For the sake of appearances if nothing else). Then hire the bare minimum of staff required for the illusion of productivity, so about five or so. Four if they have ridiculously sharp suits and shiny ties.

Then all they have to do is sit around doing not very much at all (try writing out that job description and see how many applications you get). The awesome power of technology is a pretty great way of kicking back and letting other people do the work for you. There’s a slight chance I’ve massively misunderstood the thinking behind a skeleton staff and what I’ve described fit more into the category of fiddling while Rome burns. Bloody algorithms, can’t trust them to pretend to do my not a job for me.

Maybe what’s going on here is more of a governmental ploy. Turfing everyone out of their employment while trying to maintain a facade of normality might actually be genius. It eliminates the culture of entitlement. Anyone who actually works for a living becomes that little bit more incredibly grateful and wouldn’t even dream of job hopping. Anything to escape the non-working class. Force people to treasure what they have by taking almost everything else away. We’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to feel superior to others after all.


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