Thugs Kill the Baby of the Killer Jellyfish from Hell

Generally, when thugs kill something it’s generally pretty obvious whose side you should be on. Whether it’s a sense of civic pride, the aesthetic purity of a brick wall or an actual life they’ve gone ahead and wrecked, murder perpetrated by thugs is senseless and tragic. Or no one really cares (tends to be only in the case of the former two) and all they actually want is something to moan about (rather than having the motivation to fix a supposed problem).

However, this situation is a little more of a quandary. Yes, a cluster of youths ganged up on a life form smaller, considerably less able to defend itself and generally squishier than they were. And beat it senseless. I’m sure you’re wondering how the offspring of a killer jellyfish managed to end up at the mercy of thugs. Well that is a story in and of itself. So obviously I’m not going to tell it here. I simply don’t have the time.

Maybe one of the miscreants possessed a higher level of consciousness than the rest of his comrades. Perhaps he realised that if they failed to off the doom baby things would end badly for the remainder of humanity. When a jellyfish wobbles its way up from hell, it’s rarely good news for the mortal coil (of the six or seven gelatinous zooplankton that have pulsated through, only one was benevolent. Probably).

So, strictly for the greater good, he led his compatriots in a stamping frenzy. One life for the sake of millions. It doesn’t make it right or valiant or cool. But we do owe them our gratitude for the stability of our existence. Yeah, being in the debt of thugs isn’t exactly a comfortable situation to be in. Would you rather have to bow down and pay homage to our tyrannical gelatinous overlords?


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