Greece Accuses Lotto Shake-up

Greece accuses Lotto Shake up

Whenever you’ve really screwed up, the first step on the road to recovery is identifying who’s to blame. It can’t be you obviously. You’re a glorious butterball of sunshine and joy, bringing delight and goodness to the world around you. You can’t possibly have made a mistake.

Someone simply must have betrayed you. Your tender and benevolent intentions truly had the potential to improve the entirety of reality forevermore. But someone nefarious didn’t want you to succeed in your endeavour. They set out to sabotage you, to dirty your good name in order to put a lasting stop to any future great works. It’s hardly your fault that your enemies have nothing to do than endlessly plot your spectacular demise now is it?

Greece had a plan. The chips were down, effluence ready to hit the fan but they were far from out. The solution was very clear indeed, a magnificent scheme to pull their economy out of the spiralling nosedive. The Lottery. Minimal investment, maximum reward.

The very moment that this fabulous notion was hit upon, the scientist got to work. A beautiful equation, a spectacular algorithm was devised. They knew precisely how many tickets to buy and which numbers to pick. It was going to be nothing but swimming around in unseemly mountains of cash.

However, someone decided to change the rules halfway through so that the game was no longer fair. Adding ten balls into the mix and hiking up the ticket price means a higher cost for a smaller chance. Surely not even the silliest and most desperate would fall for such a blatant scam?

How on earth is Greece supposed to pay off its creditors now? Being up to your eyeballs in debt is for some reason considered to be a bad thing now and they’re increasingly less sure that their effervescent charm and witty conversation is going to help back them out of this bleak and badly lit corner.


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