Knights of the Food Waste Scandal

I’m sure that can’t possibly be right. Knights simply aren’t the sort to get themselves wrapped up in such nonsense. They’re kind and gallant folk who can always be counted upon to rescue damsels from whatever’s causing them distress. And to glimmer shinily from horseback as they charge about with lances at the ready to skewer misbehaving scoundrels.

Perhaps it’s time for me to accept that we’re definitely not living in the middle ages anymore (in spite of the continued presence of royalty and, indeed, knights). The definition of the day to day occupations of knights could well have shifted ever so slightly over the years and we’ve merely failed to notice. After all, there’s bound to be one or two bad apples in every barrel.

You may or may not be sufficiently well informed to know the finer details of the food waste scandal in question. Why would they do it? Is this a case of blatant corporate greed (how on earth could that have managed to enter into the equation? Knights are pure of heart and snow white with complete innocence)? Scheming and scamming probably had a little something or other to do with it.

Maybe it was altogether more run of the mill than the conspiracy theorists might have us believe. Fancy folk such as knights are renowned for throwing lavish banquets and the like after all. Having a generous table is bound to have initially unintended consequences. Stuffing your face until you want to spew might not be enough to deplete supplies.

Then what do you do? Who’s going to be tempted by day old banquet leavings? It’s quite definitely no longer fit for purpose which means that it absolutely must be disposed of. However, there’s always the chance that pesky persons in a peckish mood might delve into the tempting cache of treats and end up with food poisoning. Therefore bleach and plenty of it must be applied.


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