Cameron Backs Wrecking Russia

I always knew he was a dark horse. Or at least an equine of a deeper hue than the whole soft conservative image he tries so hard to project. Then again, there’s nothing like a scapegoat for distracting a disgruntled populace. Probably. Now that I think about it, the solution could actually be free cheese and biscuits but there’s always going to be more than one variety of means to a certain end.

Anyway, rather than dwell on the fact that his back benchers are revolting (you know what I mean), David wants to pull focus away from unfortunate circumstances of this ilk. He’s tired of issuing ultimatums he’s eventually going to have to retract (he lacks the man danglers to start sacking people left and right. I imagine). So he’s going after a juicier plum.

A marginally less eerie and foreboding figure in Putin’s position would be a figure of easy ridicule. The topless photoshoots on horseback and judo classes would provide ripe satirical fodder in normal circumstances.

However, Putin represents an implacable force that will have zero issues with corralling you into an enclosed space, setting a firing squad loose on you and then burying what’s left of you somewhere far away from potential prying eyes. Is what I would say if this wasn’t being published on the internet for all to see (and I do want to hang on to my spine for at least the moment, I’m really rather attached to it).

So it would seem that Cameron is made of sterner stuff than I. He’s going after Putin in a big way. Our fearless PM is talking the talk and walking the increasingly swaggering walk as he dispatches his most effective forces to tear Russia asunder. It’ll be very interesting to see how Jeremy Paxman and the cast of the Only Way is Essex get on with their mission.


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