Scandal of ‘Beautiful’ Nuclear Power

In the past whenever I’ve heard anyone use the phrase ‘we need to get into bed with nuclear power’ I don’t think I took them literally (what? You’ve never been privy to such a conversation. My friend, you clearly haven’t been having sufficiently intellectual conversations. Or I talk about some rather odd things within my social circle. But how likely is that scenario when you really think about it).

Upon seeing an inanimate carbon rod some might feel inclined to throw it a ticker tape parade for its heroic exploits in space. However, I do believe that no one has ever selected it over literally anything else on offer as the thing to shove into an orifice into which the sun does not shine for incomprehensible pleasure related reasons. It’s certainly a situation more difficult than most to explain at A&E.

So for these pressing concerns and others (not to mention the presumably less than pretty sight of what happens to a person suffering acute radiation sickness from the inside out) you can imagine why trying to have a physical relationship with nuclear power would be difficult to say the least.

And yet try someone did. You might have assumed they’d have at least given some thought or a thoroughly half hearted stab to internet dating but no. Once they’d cracked open that physics textbook they were gone. The incredible beauty of uranium right down to its neutrons and protons is apparently a very difficult variety of allure to resist.

What do you do when you catch someone snogging a dangerous power core? Clearly they’ve weighed the pros and cons in their head and decided that this is the most beneficial course of action. Do you shut the door, seal it behind you and simply let them get on with it? Even when they’re a high ranking government official who’s supposed to be giving a press conference right now about family values? Politics, tricky.


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