Bungling BBC Reporter Splits Cameron’s Cabinet

When announcing that the Queen has pegged it, one might have thought that it might be best journalistic practice to check that said event has actually occurred. Just a suggestion. Obviously I’m not the professional in this particular scenario. But it might have been an idea.

Anyway, when this story broke (and everyone paid so very much attention to it) there were several different reactions to it. There was sadness, elation and excitement about what would happen next. Enough about Charles though, he’s simply not sufficiently important right now for us to waste valuable brain space on him.

Clearly an emergency Cabinet meeting had to be called even before confirmation of the regal demise arrived. Some were deeply saddened by the end of an era. Others weren’t massively fussed. Then there was outrage at the treasonous apathy. And fury at the presumption that the monarchy means anything nowadays other than a hook for tourists.

There were supporters of the idea that the crown could skip a generation Because of all the polling data pointing to the fact that the government that ushered in King Wills would be a very popular one indeed. Cue the storm of disapproval at such a suggestion of subverting the natural way of things. So some harsh words were said, a few ornaments may or may not have been thrown in fits of righteous indignation and one or two high ranking ministers have bruises to explain away in the morning.

At last the culprit was ushered in. Profuse apologies were uttered and an oath sworn that she’d never drink and tweet again. She’d be the most rigorous fact checker the world has ever seen and probably give up the media altogether and settle down in a quiet shop somewhere. Unfortunately on her way out she stumbled into a priceless piece of antique furniture and cracked the whole thing in two. C’est la vie.


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