NHS Chief: Don’t Wait Until 30 to Call the Police

The things that people have to have spelled out for them nowadays. I blame the education system, I really do. The fact that some young people nowadays truly believe that the police is a crime. I’m not sure which section in comes under in the catalogue of misdeeds (that well known comprehensive list of wrongdoings kept under lock and key in some high court of our great nation) but it’s definitely in there somewhere.

Allow me to reassure you. If you’re five, fifteen or fifty, you are entitled to be lent the services of the police. That is, only if someone’s done you wrong or you’ve got lost or you think someone’s giving you a funny look (I may need to have another look at the job description of a policeman) or something along those lines.

It turns out that those not especially in the know, under this strange misapprehension, have been holding off making the all important phone call. Rather than getting the professionals to track down their burglars or solve their murders, they’ve been trying to sort things out for themselves. While this approach to life has led to some very famous success stories (well, if Scooby Doo or The Killing are anything to go by. And I have absolutely no reason to suspect that they aren’t) there are reasons why said tales are so remarkable.

So the next time you’re in something of a tight spot, don’t depend on Superman to swoop in and save you. He’s far too busy inventing new powers for himself and sighing over the continual discovery of fresh batches of Kryptonite. Instead you can whip out your mobile communications device and hail a personal saviour of a very different kind. Young or old or anything else in between, the police are at your disposal thanks to your taxes (or those of your parents if you’re some sort of delinquent who doesn’t contribute to society as of yet. Possibly because you’re still at school).


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