Tax Cuts for Millions in Human Rights Row

In this merry little world of ours there are those who are able to let it go with a certain amount of grace and others who cling on like mangy dogs with bones. Once the latter have managed to get the bit between their teeth there’s next to nothing that will actually get them to shut up about whatever the pressing issue happens to be.

Sometimes it’s possible to distract them. Possibly with an even more juicy mess of a situation for them to get spectacularly worked up about. I’m not saying that these people aren’t incredibly justified for getting into a lather, it’s merely a rather irritating state of affairs for those in charge and it’s hardly surprising that said people want to make the first lot go away.

Upon occasion the only thing to do is to make it worth their while to absolutely shut up for a bit. Greasing the wheels, flashing the cash and generally making life that iota or two more pleasant for those involved can have a wonderfully calming effect. This is the route that dear old Dave has opted for so that he can get on with his destined role of running the country.

All of those who are rightly concerned about human rights and refuse to keep quiet about it are about be in for a lucky day. It’s flying in the natural order of things of course. Usually protesting about injustice achieves at the best absolutely nothing and at the worse some sort of entanglement with the police over a matter of broken property or general rowdiness. Now it’s going to correlate to cold hard cash.

The malcontents will be getting a juicy tax rebate or slash in the money owed or something along those lines. I’m not sure that the finer details have been completely ironed out yet. Just goes to show, getting outraged about something the government wants to ignore can really pay off. Sometimes.


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