Ireland Gives Huge Backing to Key Cancer Victory

Having solved the equal marriage issue once and for all (hear that Northern Ireland, once and for all. Get on board or we’ll start calling you names because that’s how mature and respectful of democracy we are), Ireland is casting around for new problems facing the world that they can set to rights. Everyone’s pretty much against cancer, aren’t they?

So with their newfound sense of social justice and that, they’ve put themselves to a ferocious degree of work. Of course there’s the whole test tubes and serious expressions in the lab route to discovering a cure. And also the stoic holding of hands as patients sit in round of chemotherapy in the hope that lending a little comfort will aid their potential recovery.

However, these methods aren’t exactly the most glamorous. In addition, they’re hardly guaranteed to send the little devil of cancer to bed forever and it’s a lot of time to invest in an activity that won’t necessarily yield the results one is after. So they’re totally out.

But come on, a lot of people have devoted themselves to the cause of smashing those wayward cells to bits for some time now and haven’t exactly yielded the salvation they were after. Lesser people, those who aren’t so steadfastly Irish, might give up as they see no point in giving it a go. No, once they’ve allied themselves with a cause such as this, there shall be no letting go until it’s been proved to be entirely fruitless. And possibly not even then.

There’s always prayer, shouting flutes and drums, shouting at the problem, resorting to alcohol (I am in no way relying on crude stereotypes here in order to generate ideas), attempting to locate leprechauns or ways that haven’t even been dreamed of yet (because I’m not the one trying to cure cancer, alright? I’ve got blogs and stuff to write).


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