Tory Attack on Cameron’s Song for Europe

Yeah, I didn’t know he was much of a singer either. It turns out that our Prime Minster is terribly keen on karaoke. If it were up to him, he’d be spending many an evening down the pub belting his little heart out.

His true genre preference is obviously veiled in total secrecy for fear the public may take against him for his questionable taste in music. However, and this is pure speculation, I imagine that David would go for a little One Direction.

While such activities remain completely hushed up no one can have all that much of an issue with him. What a man does, even a public figure, in his private time should surely be allowed to remain unmolested by outside opinion? The slightly unfortunate thing is though that Cameron has just this week announced that he’s going to sing. To Europe.

We’re not entirely sure what this impulse is about. Is he trying to get the EU to reject us as a country before we get down to voting whether or not we want to be in Europe? Could he possibly be trying to show everyone just how groovy and down with it a Brit can be (I don’t think I’m alone in realising that such a venture would be a resounding failure)?

I doubt that anyone is much surprised that Cameron’s party aren’t in favour of him climbing the stage, microphone in hand and singing out for freedom or against migration or whatever. The Eurovision song contest is clearly to blame for this. David’s simply feeling left out and is abusing his position in order to get a piece of the action.

How can we prevent this from happening? Do we really want to? Obviously this is prime viral video fodder and shall be the butt of many jokes for the rest of the parliamentary term. Perhaps we should sit back, relax and break out the popcorn.


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