UK Troops to ‘Hijack’ Labour Race

It’s hardly as if there are any actual contenders for leadership race are there? Why shouldn’t the army get involved? With a little ruthless efficiency on their side (not to mention the awesome firepower on offer), Labour can once again rise to prominence. As long as they don’t kick things off with a coup. Those things never seem to end all that well.

Don’t get so huffy with me. Go on then, name anyone still in the running for the mantle of Labour headsmanship. You can’t can you? Well how was I supposed to know that you’ve been away in a mobile and internet blackspot for the past fortnight? It’s not as if I pay any attention to you or anything. I’ll just get on with it shall I?

You can’t help but feel that the army would actually manage to have quick a good crack at running the county. They have at least been drilled relentlessly in the business of being in charge of people. They’re not for the most part public school twits who look upon running the country as their birth right (naming no names of course, that would just be tedious).

Yes, things might get that tiny bit more utilitarian and spartan than we’re used to at the moment. However, everything would be ruthlessly timetabled and we wouldn’t have to worry about that pesky business of free will any more. On the other hand, if they do manage to seize power and bugger it up extremely neatly, the original Labour party might well win back a little of its former appeal. One can only hope.

The sad truth about democracy is that whoever’s in charge isn’t down to just you. As an electorate, we have next to no choice but to go with the flow however grumpy the results might make us. Woo.


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