New Inquiry into Scots Powers

So the contingent of MPs from North of the border to wreak whatever havoc they care to in the Westminster parliament. Bright eyed and busy tailed, they diligently turned up for their first day of school ready to make new friends and possibly do some learning along the way. What ensued, I’m afraid, can only be described as classic playground showing off.

I’m sure you know what it’s like. You’re somewhere new and you’re desperate to make a good impression. However, your nerves have this funny habit and, against your better judgement, you mind yourself in something of an unfortunate ‘go big or go home’ mentality. This is precisely what lead to the telling of a few wee fibs and over exaggerations.

This being the seat of government though, they’ve actually got the resources to try and gather the evidence to substantiate the truth behind their claims or lack thereof. No sooner were the suggestions made that Scottish people could drink several bottles of fine whiskey without feeling the effects, grew more powerful when bagpipe music was played in the background and sometimes made of chocolate than a commission was launched.

Said inquiry is going to take up a lot of public money and time. It will draw the government’s focus away from the exciting swathe of cuts and such that they simply have to make. All I have to say is that the Scots MPs really ought to keep this sort of thing up.

As long as they’re drawing the focus, David Cameron’s hardly going to have a moment to think about groundless complaints regarding immigration, the austerity programme, shutting down the BBC, stumbling out of Europe and bringing back hunting, Not that I’m not doing my utmost to support the glorious leaders of our gracious country. Just making sure I get to hang onto my free speech for the time being.


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