Vote for Something You’ll Regret

They say the mistakes you make in life are the events that will actually teach things. You’ll learn from your ill-advised actions and emerge the other side as a wiser, more rounded and generally fluffier human being. So what we obviously need to do is to encourage people to do more stupid things.

You can hardly blame someone for clinging to the familiar ways, of being more than incredibly reluctant to let the comfortable go. So let’s earn some goodwill while we’re at it and encourage them in their folly.

Don’t have a go at someone for not wanting to replace their beloved shoes. Sure, they’re a little worn at the heel, have several visible holes and reek of something unsavoury that you can’t quite name. However, for whatever insane reason, they’re not willing to move on from whatever experiences those shoes have covered. One day their owner will realise for themselves that they appear in a ridiculous light to the world and will thank you for not pushing them on it until they were ready.

The old ways are not always better. They’re poisonous and limiting and keep you trapped in a time most of us would rather forget. I’m not sure where I’m going with this whole point but somewhere along the way the genius idea behind it rather slipped away. But like a good little writer I’m sticking with the theme no matter how much I might wish to jam the backspace key until all my carefully crafted words vanish from existence.

Basically, when you cast your vote for whatever it is you’re electing (I could be talking about something completely separate from May 7th, you don’t know my mind) don’t worry about the consequences. It will undoubtedly go spectacularly tits up and the rest of the world will blame you for the ensuing carnage but won’t you be so very grateful for the fabulous learning opportunity?


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