£19m Raised in London’s Secret Exodus of the Poor

It turns out that rich people actually are prepared to be very giving indeed. They are incredibly in favour of the idea of getting poor people into accommodation. Just, you know, out of sight. As soon as they will no longer have to look at the unwashed masses, they can about forget their existence altogether and put a stop to their giving. After all, once the poor have been given houses they’re hardly going to need any funding towards the upkeep or anything.

Some have euphemistically dubbed this brand spanking new initiative as an exercise in decluttering. Suddenly sounds a lot nicer doesn’t it? As is so often the way. Might as well go right on the money and call it sweeping the (oh it’s suddenly very tense now. I can’t use the word rubbish because that would be awful and elitist. I could opt for a fancy synonym but that’s no better. And I’ve already mentioned something related to clutter and now I’ve called attention to the sticky situation and everything. How awkward) whole issue under the rug.

But there’s also the argument that you definitely shouldn’t knock something that works. If billionaires are willing to stump up the cash required to put roofs over the heads of the poorest people within our nation then is it really in our power to argue with them when they add the proviso that said roofs must be very far away from their own domicile? Well obviously, but it’s still proved to be a more effective form of fundraising than most efforts to date.

There will always be naysayers who decry the fact that they’re forcing people out of the city they might well have been born in or for whatever reason have tried to make their home. To those we’ll probably have to say something along the lines of ‘life isn’t fair’ or ‘not listening, not listening.’ Mainly because they’ve got a point and we don’t have a leg to stand on.


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