Commuter Trains Destroy Trafficker Boats

Commercial travel in this day and age is essentially one massive game of rock paper scissors. Speedboats beat buses. Passenger planes are stronger than quadbikes. And surprisingly enough trams knock the hell out of ferries. I know, you’d think those massive ships would be somewhat more robust than that.

Commuter trains are something of a special case. They’re full of angry and caffeine deprived people either anticipating a long hard day at the office or pleasantly drunk as a way of coping for not powering through their workload in the brief nine or ten hours they spent at the office. This juggernaut of potential energy imbues the train with a quality not entirely unlike magic.

On the other hand, trafficker boats are another kettle of fish altogether (though it might be worth noting that they are sadly lacking in seafood treats). They’re a rather shiftier beast. That’s not particularly surprising when you think about it, given that they have to sneak past the authorities and other nefarious activities of that ilk. Nobody is in anyway endorsing such behaviour but you can hardly tell the world that it isn’t happening either.

So when I tell you that commuter trains simply plough through the trafficker boats I can’t imagine that you’ll be overly shocked. Well you might be as it’s probable that you previously thought of the two as separate entities that never the twain shall meet. But life’s full of new ideas and experiences and it’s time you hopped aboard the heaving bandwagon.

For example, I have now ever so kindly introduced you to the battleground of transport top trumps. You’ll need to figure out for yourselves though as to which mode will emerge victorious. I mean, in rock paper scissors is there ever an out and out winner? Precisely, now that’s philosophy. Or something.


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