Greed of the SNP’s Ransom Note

I can’t help but get the sense that we’re developing something of a pattern here. There’s an inescapable inexorable ramp up to the election. This includes debates that are broadcast to the nation. Someone manages to rise above the rabble and comes across very well indeed. They get to make all sorts of promises and pledges prior to the election. It all goes considerably pear shaped.

Obviously we haven’t got to the last stage yet but there’s the creeping sensation that Nicola Sturgeon might turn into a second Nick Clegg. Not in a literal sense of course, that’s the stuff of nightmares that’s capable of putting any sane person off their lunch. But what if she forfeits all those lovely ideals and courageous plans, mortgaging them for a stab at power?

For those of you who protest that such a thing could never occur, again, I have news for you. She’s a monster and we didn’t even need for the election to pan out for her to show it. Late last night, a note was delivered to Ed Miliband (the only reason I got wind of it is that he left it on a podium like some sort of chump who enjoys sharing his mistakes with the world).

The presumption of the SNP leader is astounding. She’s holding the country to ransom. She’ll only team up with Red Ed provided her various insane conditions are met. She wants a throne. Not just a throne, the throne that currently belongs to the Queen. It’s not for her, mind you. Nicola merely doesn’t want the royals to have it. It may well get melted down for extremely expensive batter.

But oh wait, there’s more. They want to keep all the oil and mineral water they can lay their hands on. For Scottish notes to be the only recognised form of currency in the United Kingdom. For haggis to become the national dish. And more demands I can hardly bear to share with you.


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