Right to Buy Working People

Well why not? Of course we know why not. Human rights and so on and so forth. Obviously I’m not doing anything even remotely resembling advocacy of slavery but imagine how much simpler the lives of our overlords would be if it was a legal practice. This could take a very dark and angry turn if not handled in a manner of paramount sensitivity (good thing it’s me doing the writing then, I’ve never said anything offensive to anyone ever).

Perhaps we should be thinking more in terms of rental agreements. Just for the sake of normalising ownership of working people so that the rich don’t need to feel too badly about the state of their chattels. They’ll be fed and clothed and watered and protected from the various nasties the world has to present. Provided that they work their fingers to the bone and don’t care all that much about a social life. It’s a better alternative to begging on the street. Right?

At this point there’s an ever present danger that people will think I’m being even a little bit serious. Slavery bad. Freedom good. Read A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s all there in black and white and fire and blood (I haven’t seen the new episode yet and there’s a slim chance that I can’t think of anything else to talk about whatsoever). The fact that (an entirely fictitious) proposal to legalise the purchase of persons (because I couldn’t make a better title from the offerings of the day) is very worrying in this day and age.

It’s time and past for a good old fashioned revolution. Rise up against the masters before they have a chance to forge the chains of subservience. It will be gloriously wonderful, no one will get hurt (badly) and then we can have a soothing cup of tea once everyone’s in their proper place.


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