Travel Chaos Points Again to Coalition Britain

At this juncture you can put pretty much anything at the beginning of that sentence and you’d still be essentially correct. Who knows? We could end up with a massive surprise once the votes are in and we discover that we’ve been franchised by the new Putin-Kim Jong empire. But it’s definitely safe to say that we’re facing anything but a clear favourite.

Depending on which news outlet you turn to, whose opinions you regard as they’re spouted into the void and which not entirely serious websites you get your satirical fix from, you’ll have a different take on the current political situation. However, it doesn’t help that the roads are a mess, the trains are overpriced and under serviced (you know, when they actually run) and don’t even get me started on the buses (that means I can’t be bothered to come up with a witty or otherwise remark about them).

Any single divisive issue could be blamed for the lack of majority all the parties are going to emerge with. Rather than travel chaos it could be the surplus of head wounds the NHS haven’t got round to dealing with or the fact that Game of Thrones (yes, of course it’s a Song of Ice and Fire before the special nerds get too up in arms but we’re going for the mainstream here) is seriously being considered as possible material for the history curriculum (it would probably get them to pay attention though, you have to admit that).

They say that Britain is broken. Well, you know how much excitement surrounds a bag of broken biscuits. Someone will be able to spin things to their advantage. If the Thick of It taught us nothing (which is relatively likely I’ll grant you) it’s that. Or something else. I’ll be honest, I’ve lost all interest in the election.


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