40% of Teachers Want US-Style First Amendment

Of course the remaining majority of the teaching profession would rather have the implementation of legislation to get the little twits to shut up. But it turns out that you really can’t always get you want in this life so you might as well buckle up because you’re in for a bumpy ride. I’m pretty sure that’s basically what Mick Jagger said, I’d have to refer to Wikipedia for more fulsome details.

Why on earth would teachers in particular care one way or the other about infringements regarding free speech? Most of the teachers (fine, what I’m about to say isn’t strictly true – I happen to know some teachers who actually enjoy what they do but the truth would weaken my argument somewhat and we can’t be having that) I know can’t stand their pupils and one or two (fine, just the one) lament that it’s gone entirely out of fashion to chasten them physically (merely picking them up by the collar and shaking them, there’s nothing wrong with that is there?).

But it would seem that educators wish to instil admirable principles in the young people they mentor through their formative years. They want them to believe in valiant practices, admiralty (I don’t think that’s quite the word I was searching for but it will do very nicely, it suggests a pleasingly grandiose air) and standing up for the little guy.

Unsurprisingly, said teachers don’t want such actions, however courageous, to be linked to them in a damaging way. So they want legal protection for their warriors of words. Or I’ve got things hopelessly twisted around, the teachers don’t give a stuff one way or the other and they simply wanted to make a relatively attention grabbing headline. And you’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker. You dummy. Happy April Fools’ Day, may no one attempt to trip you.


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