New Drug to Make NHS Open All Hours

The problem with the NHS is really very simple. I know that politicians are forever going on about how complicated an issue it is. I think you’ll find that’s merely because they want us all to be very impressed indeed when they unravel the devilishly contorted tangle. The thing is that there isn’t enough money to pay people sufficiently qualified to keep us all alive. Also because we’re generally getting a lot older and increasingly frail. And that whole problem with drug resistant antibiotics. So maybe there’s a little bit more going on than I was ready to admit in the first place.

But there’s definitely still an eminently easy solution to this particular spot of bother. People need to work longer for less pay and make fewer mistakes. You might well be thinking that this is an impossibility. The dedicated nurses and zealous doctors are exhausted and overworked as it is, getting them in to do more definitely isn’t going to help keep things ticking over properly.

What you’ve forgotten though is that this is a workforce with access to pills. Delicious nutritious tablets that are very much good for what ails you whatever that might be. We’re all well aware that there are plenty of laws in place that are very much opposed to that sort of behaviour. However, rules can be rewritten if you whisper the right things in well positioned ears (and not just the ones affixed to the back of laboratory mice).

By total and utter coincidence, a certain pharmaceutical company has just this week released a new compound that can definitely sort matters out. It lets you stay up way past bedtime and stops you from caring about anything remotely resembling a personal life. The only slight side effect is that it turns you blue. It wouldn’t be that much of a bad thing if we had Smurfs in charge of the health system would it?


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