Lufthansa Knew About Air Safety Overhaul

You know what it’s like, your boss hands you what at first glance promises to be a large and exciting paperweight and you discover that it’s yet another company document for you to leaf through, memorise by heart and implement yesterday. There’s absolutely no way to keep up with the red taped bureaucracy and shifting regulations so at one point or another you simply stop trying. More than that, just to make it appear as if you were paying attention to the rules that come down from on high, you start cutting corners and making all manner of incredibly terrible decisions.

Another route is that you actually want to make something of a splash. You’re well aware of the old adage that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. So you start pulling stunts at various junctures in the hope that anything exciting will occur in order to spice up your entirely humdrum existence. Of course you’ve done the preparation should things head decidedly toilet-wards and secured yourself a handy scapegoat (that just so happens that it can be tastily roasted post sacrifice and provide you with a delicious free dinner).

Obviously option number three is that you’ve altogether stopped caring whatsoever about doing a good job. It’s of no interest to you in the slightest that people could get hurt (I do realise that this point could start looking really rather similar to my first point but do trust me. The differences are there and if you manage to get all of them to fit on the back of a postcard and into my line of sight there’s a sweetie in it for you). As long as you get paid at the end of the month, you wouldn’t be that fussed if the building was on fire.

These thoughts and ones like them were in no way going through any of the minds at the airline in question. A tragedy has occurred and all we can do is try and learn from the mistakes made.


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