Pilots Refuse to Fly After Oil Price Fall

Forget about tragic mystery crashes in the Alps that nobody can quite comprehend or explain. Seriously, forget I even made the slightest reference – it’s terribly depressing and someone might start crying. It’s just so happens to be the hindrance of this format that when there’s a story that everyone’s talking about that I really don’t want to have to bring up there isn’t a huge amount that I can do about it (whine over. For now at least).

But believe it or not, pilots are an incredibly superstitious bunch. They get into a tremendous pet over the most seemingly inconsequential of things. Allow me to run you through the general basics of what occurred and then you can judge the situation for yourself. Or wander off because you’re bored, it really doesn’t make all that much of a difference to me.

Basically, one of our high flying sky wranglers decided to have a crack at playing the stock market. Anyone who’s ever seen Wolf of Wall Street or Money Never Sleeps or any of those terribly gripping cinematic works regarding said boulevard (I haven’t but I’m sufficiently opinionated to have already decided the general content of such films) ought to know that such enterprises are unlikely to ever end well. Probably.

Oil, that’s a perfectly safe market. Everyone loves delicious nutritious oil to energise cars and drizzle over salads. How could anyone ever doubt that investing all your money in oil could ever end badly? Provided you haven’t been keeping your head snuggled in the soothing embrace of a rock covered over with sand, you probably ought to be aware that oil by the barrel has indeed been dipping just a little price wise. It’s essentially down to the fact that a vastly influential pilot has made something of a bad investment that the whole profession has dubbed the whole situation as the worst luck ever. They’ve vowed to stay ground bound until something changes considerably.


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