DUP Names Its Price for Electoral Deal: Tory Leadership Race

Ah the grand old Democratic Unionist Party (admit it, I could have said anything there and you’d have nodded along sagely as if you’d known all along who they were. Or perhaps I’m merely wildly misinformed regarding current events. However, my Spidey sense is whispering in my ear – that’s definitely how it works, don’t even attempt to say otherwise – that you’d have gone along with it if I’d said that it was the Dentists Under Pluto or Desdemona’s Uppity Phlegm up to their old tricks again), or as I’ve always felt inclined to them, the Kingmakers.

But of course with UK politics being the way they are the smaller organisations do in fact have a touch more power than they used to. Apart from the lads in orange (or is it yellow? Their poor little bird will no doubt be relegated to the bottom of the pile come May and no one is going to be overly surprised) who’ll have to put on a brave face and be content with whatever they get.

So it’s not exactly a huge wonder that such collections of people are of a mood to flex their effecting change muscles. In order to win their support, the parliamentary togetherness shindig lobby isn’t asking for anything overly momentous. All they want to do is to pick the next leader of the country. No, it isn’t even that sinister or manipulative. They’re merely tired of staring at Davey Camo’s shiny pink face looking out at them on so many newspaper front pages. They want a change of scene.

Obviously it’s ever so slightly too short notice to have a change up before the next general election. However, right after it we’ll be launched straight into another round of voting (one that we’re not supposed to get in on though. Have no fear, we can’t be expected to do anything much about it). Change may be inevitable but I can’t quite stop myself from fearing this one. Straw haired pseudo buffoon or evil eyed private schoolboy (mark II) anyone?


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