Tories Revive Thatcher’s Evil King

That’s right people, she wasn’t operating on her own. Well, we knew that she wasn’t a completely lone effector of change, she had lackeys and flunkeys at all the various levels of hierarchy to get stuff done for her but the big news here is that she had orders coming down to her from on high. I should probably have started out with something more along those lines rather than mucking things up with qualifying statements. Sorry, my bad.

Basically, there was an even bigger, stinkier, riper cheese in play during her heyday. And he’s going to be defrosted (can you freeze cheese? I do believe we have encountered our first, or quite possibly second depending on what you’ve decided qualifies for such status, tangent of the post. Keep your eyes peeled for any more; there could well be a sticker in it for you if you do), reanimated and generally wheeled back onto the scene.

Is it any wonder? The slightly more right wing arm of the current government is shaking in its designer boots with that pesky election coming up. They don’t want to have to tangle with anything as exhausting and dicey as having to court the popular vote. A far more pleasing course of events would be for a benevolent or otherwise dictator to pull various strings behind the scenes and tell everyone that this particular group of upper class twits is going to be in charge. And that if anyone has a problem with it they can take their quibbles to the complaints department. Which has recently been restaffed with ravenous tigers.

So imagine, if you will, an even more terrifying version of the late lady Prime Ministeress with a just a dollop more of testosterone.  If you aren’t scared quite yet then do go ahead and cast your vote for him come May and see where we end up. I’m pretty sure this is how most dystopian films start.


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