£2000 Fine for The Sun

How dare that flaming ball of gas fail us in its daily duties. We accept the fact that it has to rest so choose not to kick up too much of a fuss when it sets every day. However, for it to duck away behind the moon for so much as a single second during the hours when we normally expect it to appear is simply beyond the pail. Again, I’m not entirely sure how we expect the sun to stump up the sum it owes us for its wicked ways but something tells me it’s more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. You know, to show it just who’s really in charge.

What do you mean I’ve got completely the wrong end of the stick? I think you might want to rethink your phrasing when you tell me that such a basic error reveals me as the silly little girl I obviously I am. You’re treading on dangerously thin ice because I definitely wasn’t being serious before (it’s now getting a tad hostile don’t you think. Perhaps we ought to return to a certain level of levity before someone’s feelings get especially trodden on or someone loses a finger). We all know full well that it’s the newspaper we should be referring to.

Anyone earning much more than minimum wage will tell you that two thousand quid, in the grand scheme of things of course, isn’t really all that much when you think about it. It’s absolutely the case that an institution such as The Sun can fork out such a sum without batting an eyelid. They probably didn’t do anything all that terrible this time. But that could well be the way forward, fine such people little and often so that they pay it without too much fuss every time without realising that they’re slowly being bled dry. It’s essentially a bureaucratic Robin Hood for the modern age.


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