Farage Cuts Risk of Diabetes

Oh happy day (I’m not sure whether or not you managed to catch the sizeable dollop of inherent sarcasm contained within that statement but allow me to assure you that it’s oozing out of every syllable. Just wanted to make entirely sure that the tone was getting across properly). It would seem that a regular dose of righteous indignation sparked by an incorrigible and frankly by this point pretty much unstoppable racist actually does us all the power of good. I know, I’m really disappointed in us too (we may well actually be completely doomed and have simply failed to notice as of yet).

You see, the body wants to deal with the overflowing levels of unjustifiable crap coming in via the earholes courtesy of the geyser of prejudice spewing forth with its uninformed opinions. It can shiver and convulse all it likes, but your body isn’t going to get rid of the knowledge that way. All that can really happen is that it will have a very spirited crack at flushing out all the toxic materials out of the system in the hope that it will emerge clean and untainted by the world (I know, it’s basically an impossible task but it’s so sweet that it’s trying).

So maybe we should egg him on, for the sake of the health of our nation. The more guff issuing from his face hole, the more our systems attempt to repel him. The happy by product of this entirely natural reaction is that sugar levels, among others, go down and it’s actually managing to stem the flow of new diabetes cases in this country. A ridiculous speech from Farage a day may indeed keep the doctor away. Even if it’s only down to the fact that the doctor in question is of ethnic origin and doesn’t feel like being in the same room as such as objectionable toe rag.


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