Top BBC Boss To Be Cut

When budgets have gone quite totally to pot is it any wonder that absolutely no one has the luxury of total job security? Well, whether or not that’s particularly shocking in its essence, it still manages to hit certain individuals like a freight train. But firings that come seemingly out of the blue or otherwise don’t actually happen to have anything to do with a top BBC boss getting cut believe it or not.

It turns up that a certain someone in the upper echelons of management within the realm that is the British Broadcasting Corporation is getting more than a little bit slash happy. What’s even more disturbing is that they’re actually being allowed to scamper around, knife clutched in hand like some sort of deranged wannabe serial killer. You really have to draw the conclusion that there’s some variety of plot going down to try and get rid of someone or other who’s causing all sorts of fuss (I really can’t possibly think who – and I’m quite entirely sure that neither can you if you know what’s strictly good for you).

They’re padding down darkened corridors (somehow the introduction of ever so slightly unbalanced knife wielders to the system stops them from being able to stay up to date with the electricity bills). The lack of light glints off the highly polished blade and they wiggle them enticingly in anticipation of sliding them in a thoroughly satisfactory fashion into wherever it was they’ve been instructed (sorry, what am I saying? It’s a crazy impulse that really wasn’t it anyway whatsoever premeditated). As they creep round corners, stalking their quarry, hunting down whatever it is they’re looking for, they’re imagining the headlines they’ll bring about with their pointy instrument of doom. Top BBC boss gets hacked to pieces in a move that totally wasn’t orchestrated or paid for by nefarious ragamuffins. Catchy or what?


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