Laughing All the Way to Modify Human Eggs Genetically

You’ll have heard many a time (and if you haven’t then maybe people have given up you thanks to the fact that your disposition is rather far away from sunny. Just one possibility out of the loads I can totally think of) that laughter is the best medicine. So the next time you’re suffering from a mysterious and painful rash or a massive sucking chest wound bear in mind that you really ought to be simply chuckling your pains away. However, it does just so happen to turn out that giggles really are another string to the bow of a doctor’s toolbox of methods to cure people.

The slight downside was that for absolutely ages nobody was quite sure what precisely laughter could be used to do for the ill and infirm. It certainly didn’t seem quite as effective as stitches in closing up skin lacerations (as the massive failure of a study proved, to the tune of many thousands of pounds). Laughing at cancer patients eventually seemed kind of cruel and women in labour somehow failed to see the lighter side of the crushing pain in their nether regions thanks to a not so tiny person trying to squeeze itself into the world.

It would seem though that the last instance of using laughter to heal wasn’t so very far away from the mark. It happens that embryos actually develop a sense of shame incredibly early on. Smirking and making derisive comments will only get you so far but once you start laughing at a mini bundle of cells amazing things will happen. They’re so very desperate to live and to please their white coated masters that once they realise they’re not up to scratch they’ll go ahead and make themselves new genes in order to be stronger, harder, faster, prettier. Sooner or later, gales of hysterics in laboratories will bring about a better breed of man. Do go ahead and be very afraid.


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