Coalition At War Over Web Error

It was absolutely definitely a random rogue error, a mischievous ghost in the machine. It’s always the way with a terribly funny joke, all they have to do is escalate a very tiny little bit and the next thing you know they’ve run entirely out of control and you’ve got a catastrophe on your hands that you either have to deal with most carefully or back away from slowly and pretend that the ghastly mess has absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever.

I happen to have a tiny snippet of very well meaning advice for you. Feel entirely and one hundred per cent free to ignore it (that way I get the smug satisfaction of telling you that I very definitely told you so when the inevitable screw up occurs. Don’t get all high and mighty, everyone makes mistakes every now and then, apart from me obviously, and if you refuse to pay heed to the knowledge I’m spouting you’re setting yourself up for a relatively mighty fall). Essentially, I know full well that you can find yourself getting (perfectly rationally of course, you’re a saint and the rest of the world is going out of its way to piss you off no end) that very small bit monumentally angry. When such feelings occur, we all need to find a way to vent.

What I advise is that you find a healthy way of doing so. Go and scream at a wall, pay someone a reasonable price to be able to slap them in the face or something (I never said I’d thought this portion of proceedings through) or go and break something that’s replaceable and not too expensive. Whatever you do, do not on any account write your ill thoughts down anywhere electronic where they can accidentally or otherwise get into the wrong hands. All you have to do is write a scorching critique of one of your coalition partners, press the wrong button while not paying attention (or while drunk, it has the same effect) and all hell will surely break loose.


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