Smoking Link to Stop Diabetes

I am not for one moment endorsing that you start puffing away at cigarette after cigarette in order to potentially stave off diabetes. That would be properly insane, no doctor would ever tell you such a thing even in the days when many a medical professional would tell you how clean they would keep your lungs or whatever. I suppose if you really want to make it into a truth, you could well say that smoking does indeed circumvent the threat of diabetes by causing you to die from lung cancer before you have the chance to develop issues with sugar.

No, this story has as little to do with nicotine as a donkey has to do with a typewriter (I couldn’t think of a clever analogy). You’re familiar with the Legend of Zelda, are you not? Well, I’m sure that you’re far from surprised to learn that the gutsy hero Link has even more magical properties in him than we had previously realised. Naturally it’s a terrible shame that he had to be slaughtered, fried to a crisp and ground into a dusty paste for us to learn this. However, now that he is in such a state it would be such a shame to let him go to waste when we could have a considered crack at curing the scourge that is diabetes.

So, you take your powdered Link purchased from your reputable vendor of choice (if I did all the work for you how would this be any fun?), roll him up in a joint (I may not be entirely familiar with the mechanics of this bit but I’m sure you can find a cool teenager to help you out if you’re really struggling) and smoke away. I’ve heard that you can literally feel your insulin singing. Or I might have been talking to someone who’d recently taken acid. I’m sure they’re relatively similar experiences.


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