House Prices Up On Mars

I can practically hear a general dampening or tenting of pants going on up and down the country right now. Don’t you dare try and deny it; the British have an unhealthy adoration of discussing house prices. The very notion that a fresh element can be added to the conversation is basically an aphrodisiac. We all know all too well that property is very cheap up in certain areas of the north because there isn’t a whole lot going on there and obviously winter is coming. On the other hand, a particularly roomy cardboard box would probably set you back a couple of hundred grand in London provided it was relatively close to a major tube line.

But when it comes to housing on Mars there are so very many variables that could potentially come into play. What sort of atmospheric pressures are there on the red planet? What’s the weather like? Is there any crime? What sort of schooling system do the Martians have in place? There is far too much going on for us to be able to speculate and yet now we’re getting reports that prices have increased. Is this merely down to the fact that stuff is actually being built whereas before it was all hypothetical?

I could keep asking these random questions (I really could, I’m not running out of ideas in any way shape or form no matter what you might be currently thinking) but right now that sort of thing is all rather academic. There’s just no way of knowing for sure, who knows if we can even trust what the papers say and that costs are actually going up? I could be inventing stuff all the way up to the interstellar estate agent’s door and you would be none the wiser (unless I did something terribly thick like tipping you off that it’s all lies).


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