Proof That Poorest Are Bombing the Nazis

Well you’ve got to have a hobby haven’t you? When you haven’t got a job to speak of (certainly when it comes to claiming all those delicious benefits you’re scamming the government out of. Am I right? Aren’t I? What do you mean vicious stereotyping based in not the merest hint of fact? I don’t know what you could possibly be talking about) and you’re hardly burdened with activities like shopping for basic necessities or dreaming about home improvement and the like (you know, the middle class obsession that definitely hasn’t turned into an interior decorating arms race. On a totally unrelated subject, have you heard that an orangery is the latest must have? Patios and conservatories are so last decade) you’ve got to have some way of filling your idle hours.

As with most newspaper headlines, this one might be ever so slightly the tiniest bit exaggerated. I’m sure you would be relatively extremely concerned if you were to hear that the unwashed masses had suddenly come into the possession of a considerable volume of munitions materials. Not least because you really feel that you ought to have had first dibs on such a windfall. Don’t worry, the proles are some way off from having even a fraction of the level of firepower required to allow them to rise up against us. It’s more of a metaphorical bombing. In that it’s rather totally imaginary.

Also, Nazis don’t exactly exist any more in this modern and enlightened day and age (we’ll ignore the EDL for the time being for the sake of our collective sanity more than anything else). They’re again a far cry away from being wholly literal. Proof that the poorest are bombing the Nazis is really more one journalist’s way of saying that he happen to notice a mildly grubby boy making explosion noises while chasing a friend who was doing a fabulously racist accent.


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