A Million Pensioners To Benefit From Trolls On The Web

It would appear that we live in a very simple world indeed, one that’s all too eminently capable of churning out pretty damn depressing statistics like these. It seems that the thoroughly nasty little cowards that are anonymous trolls on the internet actually drive productivity. Though it’s exceedingly cruel and petty and demeaning to all those involved, such actions prove to be motivation nonetheless. If someone somewhere decides to go out of their way to insult something you’ve gone to the effort of creating from the snug comfort of their own home whilst sitting in front of their computer screen of choice, there’s hardly anything in particular you can do to fight it.

Should you go down the route of responding to it, rising to the insult and giving them right of reply, it’s a relative certainty that things will only go terribly bad for you. And yet, whatever you decide to actually do the memory of their comments will remain with you, a thorn in your side and a spur to drive you on. All you can really do is to channel your frustrations into your next project, making it that much more impressive so that with any luck it will invite fewer malicious comments. Obviously, this won’t succeed and the vicious cycle will continue.

Anyway, what on earth can this possibly have to do with pensioners. Well, as you can hardly have failed to note of late, the election is looming like a coming onslaught, an attention needy storm picking up speed. Since the Tories would really rather like to win come polling day, they’re courting any new ways of garnering a couple of extra votes. It turns out that the internet fuelled disagreeableness has created a handy little surplus (you know, compared with current budget forecasts. We’re still in quite a huge lot of debt as a nation) that the government have decided to hand it out like so many sweets to the retired.


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