Blair’s Pledge: I’m Back

I may never have seen the Shining. I’m not even entirely sure that’s where the reference I’m currently thinking of is actually from. But the fact that this particular film is where I went to should tell you something. I may have been little more than a tiny child of four (it was in the first half of 97 right?) at the time when he was first elected but even I know what he became. I’ve heard enough satire to know that he’s turned to rampant profiteering in his post ministerial after dinner speaking career. A proper writer would probably go for a twist at this point, to cleverly prove that they’ve subverted your expectations and gone for something extremely surprising. However, you already know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m talking about Tony. It was in the title and everything.

So he wants to make a comeback. Is anyone else scared yet. Yes, of course I’ve made this up but right now I’m not overly certain that it might not in fact come to pass. He may well be looking over my shoulder right now, be persuaded that I’m talking the greatest sense he’s heard in about six or seven years, decide to make my assertions true and urge me to finish this post as an early warning of his coming glory.

Mr Blair is like the plague, maybe even herpes, he’s an infection that is absolutely for life. No, he’s not very happy with that. But after very nearly five years of shaky wannabe liberal diluted conservative government, the former bigwig is going to capitalise on the general disillusionment in the electorate to worm his way back in. If Berlusconi can do it with his very many criminal convictions then why would anyone have the gall to let a silly little thing like a heaving stack of war crimes get between such close friends?


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