Labour Win Would Cause Extra Homework

It’s a real and definite shame that there aren’t any clear cut goodies or baddies to back during this election. Single issue parties have suddenly become important enough to be called upon to talk about their other policies and clearly haven’t entirely thought them one hundred per cent through (treasonous as that might well be to say out loud). Certain people have managed to sell themselves out and send their party up a particular creek without anything resembling the proper equipment. Alright, perhaps when you think about it there are some people you definitely want to not allow even a little in the vicinity of the reigns of government but it’s safe to say that we’re rather lacking in heroes waiting in the wings to come and save the day.

Of course all this is rather to the side of my increasingly irrelevant point. I’m getting myself into more of a what if mood here (mainly because my carefully crafted title kind of pretty much dictates it). As terrifically unlikely as it might seem that anyone’s going to come out of this thing with even the very slimmest of majorities, if Labour does somehow reign victorious we probably ought to have something of a ponder as to what might happen.

As you might have already gathered, such a win is going to cause stacks of extra homework. That is compulsory. For absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you already do everything you possibly can for extra credit, or if you left school decades ago or if you already do all of your work from home. It’s going to come and get you. Labour’s going to get rather more conscientious and draconian than they ever were before. It is their quite definite wish to mould us into a very different variety of nation is they can possibly help it. Just so that they can say they did it. I’m not sure what’s got into them to be honest.


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