Rival Camps Tear Apart Babies With Three Parents

Now please don’t go straight ahead and leap to all the wrong conclusions. Whatever you do, you most certainly shouldn’t immediately swing into the saddle of your high horse (terribly well bred and beautifully flowingly maned as he might be). Before we continue headfirst into whatever’s presently going down, do allow me to assure you in a suitably fulsome fashion that the babies in this particular situation are strictly and definitely hypothetical. The only babies who should ever be even a very little bit torn apart are the variety made out of jelly and coated in powdered sugar. Glad to know that we’re all on the same page, it’s all kinds of refreshing.

Alright then, so what happens to be the beef that certain folk out there have with miniature humans with more than the standard number of parents? You would think that they’d be thrilled that people are coming into the world with a higher than average chance of always having someone around for them. That doesn’t even vaguely resemble what’s going on with the world today? How do you know more about it than I do? The title may well be based on scraps from real headlines from today but I am completely making it up on the spot so are you inside my head that you have this information before I’ve decided what it is?

The real answer is that people have seriously scary and deeply rooted problems with change. Any new ideas will shake the shifting sands that they base their lives upon and they don’t have the strength of character to deal with it in a remotely mature way. So they lash out and protest that they don’t like what’s going on in the world. They decide for some random and entirely arbitrary reason that they’re against the hot button topic of the day and they’ll rail against it with everything they’ve got. Like babies with mitochondria from one woman inserted into the egg of another. Because anti-science.


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